Excellence in Automation by Design

 Since the early days of the first 8-bit microprocessor, Consultronix has been developing test instrumentation and automation control systems for the microelectronics industry. The early days required the design and implementation of your own control computer and I/O devices. Then began the tedious task of writing software in assembler code. When all was said and done, you had a reasonably good control system, but any modifications required the all too familiar task of erasing and re-programming EPROMS, testing and repeating the process until all was as you wanted it.

Now the PC is more abundant, cheaper and extremely more powerful than the old microprocessor-based control systems. Changes can be made on the fly and development tools are plentiful and save a ton of time. PC-based data acquisition modules and digital I/O modules are readily available and offer an effective means with which to interface most hardware devices. Today's analog data acquisition modules can take 16-bit readings in 1 microsecond. This allows for multiple samples on a rapidly changing waveform such as is done in a thermal transient measurement system.

The advent of USB 2.0 freed the control module from the PC chassis and the PCI bus. Now it can be placed in more convenient locations nearer the points to be measured or controlled. It also allows for closer coupling of the control module and its interface board where amplifiers, power drivers and other components are mounted. No more ribbon cables draping from the rear of the pc chassis to the measurement sites or interface modules. It's a new day!

Consultronix has designed several products to take advantage of modern closely integrated data acquisition systems and digital controls.


  • Over the past 50 years, the semiconductor industry has produced a vast number of innovative solutions to the highly technical requirements of semiconductor process equipment. Some of these systems have become known as industry "work horses", providing reliable processing of wafers day in and day out for many years. As time goes on, the maintenance of these systems becomes increasingly difficult as components become increasingly hard to find or outright obsolete. This problem, coupled with the lure of the more modern "sleek horse", a machine with contemporary User Interface and capabilities, produces the familiar replace or repair dilemma.

USB Controller Embedded Prototype Boards

  • Prototype development kits to speed-up and simplify the task of creating computer-controlled analog and digital circuitry for a wide variety of applications is available from Consultronix.
  • Product prototypes, test and measurement equipment, functional exercisers, and more, the kits are designed for use with Measurement Computing's line of USB 12, 14,and 16-bit Analog and Digital I/O modules.

USB-Controlled Power Supplies

  • Constant-Voltage modules
  • Constant-Current modules

These power modules can be controlled from your laptop or desktop computer. The programmable power supplies come with a software program with which to control it. With the constant voltage supply, the current may be sampled and stored as a histogram of load variation over time. Likewise, with the Constant Current supply, the load voltage maybe sampled.


USB-Controlled ThermoElectric Module (TEM) Controller

  • The Model USB-TEC was designed to operate a TEM with power levels up to 120 Watts. It includes remote temperature sensing with either a thermistor or temperature sensing IC unit. Utilzing an H-Bridge driver, the USB-TEC can be used to act as a heat sink or heat source. More...