Excellence in Automation by Design

In the course of automation equipment development during the past 35 years, Consultronix has worked with equipment manufacturers at many levels. In some cases, we have been asked to provide a complete design solution. In other cases, where the manufacturer was capable of designing the mechanics of the system, we provided the control and user interface software only.

In more recent times, Consultronix has been involved in providing solutions to upgrade industry work horse equipment to give it a contemporary look and feel. These systems were designed using microprocessor controllers with EPROM firmware. By leaving the system components intact and replacing the legacy controller and archaic user interface with modern pc-based controls and a color graphic touchscreen monitor, new life and new capabilities have been given to these proven industry standard machines.

  Automatic Wafer Aligner software and controls designed by Consultronix. This system utilizes a state-of-the-art pattern recognition vision system to achieve precise alignment of wafer and mask to 0.1 micron precision.

  This touchscreen programmable wafer sort system control software was developed by Consultronix. The system utilizes two wet chem cassettes, two FOUPs and an entry cassette from the wafer supplier. I utilizes a robot wafer handler, a wafer prealigner and two wafer ID readers to track each wafer. Sorting routines are programmed by touching the screen graphics in sequence. Routines may be saved to disk and recalled for future reuse.

  This Laser Marker Backside Alignment System was conceived and developed by Consultronix for NSC. It reduced the setup time to align the wafer by 99.5 percent, thus achieving an ROI in the first 200 wafers!