Excellence in Automation by Design

Embedded Zigbee Wireless Controllers

January 2010 - Consultronix International is developing Embedded Microcontrollers with IEEE 802.15.4 Zigbee Wireless capability for use in many wireless remote control applications. Watch for later news releases during the year.

SECS-I and SECS-II Software Available on All Upgrades

2009 - Consultronix has re-written the underlying SECS software for all of our products to allow faster adaptation to new equipment as it becomes available. All Semiconductor Equipment under Consultronix control now have the option for SECS communications. Contact us for your needs.

Consultronix Develops New Upgrade Controllers

2009 - Consultronix International has recently developed upgrade controllers for the Gasonics AURA 1000 and L3510 Plasma Photoresist Asher systems. By replacing the legacy controller with a modern full-color graphic touchscreen user interface and new control hardware interface system, the trusted industry workhorses take on a new life. With the modern touchscreen operator interface, intuitive menus, on-screen real time graphs of the processes, these systems are truly contemporary with other 21st century products. See screen shots here.

Consultronix International designs new web site

On November 21, 2008, Consultronix published its new web site format. It is our intent that it will drive more interested people to make contact and share their needs. We will be updating it from time to time to add new features.