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Thermal Test Chip Instrumentation

With the advent of Thermal Test Chips, which allow the integrated circuit thermal solution to be developed in parallel with the chip itself, the packaging and heat removal may be simulated and tested to be ready when the first articles come from the fab. The Thermal Test Chip is made up of an array of cells, each with 1 or 2 heating resistors and 1 or 4 temperature sensing diodes. The idea is straight forward: heat the chip by powering up the resistors in a manner closely approximating the expected power dissipation of the actual integrated circuit chip and read/display temperature(s) of specific cell(s) in real time as the chip heats up. There are many possible heating configurations put forth to heat the cell resistors, but the temperature sensor scanning scheme of the MATRIX-256 is adaptable to all heating schemes. MatrixSoft is the PC-based software to read and display the data from the Matrix-256 hardware.