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BodyShop 3.0 Repair Order Management System

  • BodyShop 3.0 was developed for small to medium sized automobile body shops to manage repair orders simply and effectively and to provide meaningful management reports without any programming by the user at a cost even the smallest shop can afford.
  • BodyShop tracks the progress of the repair order from the time the vehicle comes into the shop until it leaves. It keeps track of manhours spent on each task and records the payments made against the order.
  • The BodyShop database maintains records on each repair order, customer, vehicle, payment, labor hours, materials and supplies, parts purchased, income, and bookings. All main data is displayed on a single screen and details are available with a single click.
  • Preprogrammed Reports include Repair Order Details, Work In Progress, Income by current month or by user selected date range, Bookings by current month or user selected date range, manhours expended during current month or during user selected date range, parts and materials expended during current month or user selected date range, and more.
  • The Remote option provides for the use of a technician touch terminal in the repair shop to automatically update manhours and job status. Easy to use  and automatically tracks technician time and tasks. Task assignment programming is done from the main terminal in the office.
Main Screen of BodyShop 3.0