Excellence in Automation by Design

Equipment Modernization

  • The initial equipment upgrade designs are for the Gasonics AURA line of Plasma Etching equipment, the AURA 1000, SE2001 and the L3510.
  • By designing a drop-in upgrade system to replace the legacy microprocessor controller and tiny monochrome user interface, upgrading your work horse is a breeze. Remove the controller and the control panel, modify the front panel to accomodate the upgraded touchscreen User Interface and install the control PC. No recabling or wire modifications to be made. Use the existing control cables to connect to the upgrade controller replacement, connect the controller to the PC via USB 2.0 cables and you are set for a new experience. With the enhanced speed and storage capability of modern PCs, new features are provided for the user and process engineer. Storage of lot runtime data, graphical display of the process results, easier recipe editing, increased recipe capacity (150 versus 15 in the original system) and much more. SECS communications is also available as an option.

  • Pressing on image hot spots automatically reprograms the function buttons on the right to suit the functions of the object selected. By utilizing reprogrammable buttons, an unlimited number of operations are made available using a single touch without overcrowding the screen.

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