Excellence in Automation by Design

 Over the course of the past 40 years, Consultronix has developed control architectures for a wide variety of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. From the early days before the first microprocessor was available, designs were based on discrete digital and analog components. With the advent of the first microprocessors, designs were based on programmable components, such as microprocessors, FPLAs and EPROMS/EEPROMS. Now the PC is the power component of choice. Thousands of times faster with powerful graphics capabilities and a host of compatible modules to work with, development times have been slashed to meet the demands of today's quick time-to-market requirements.

Consultronix has the experience derived by developing controls for a large array of automation equipment types. We have designed or participated in the design of systems such as:

  • Semiconductor die attachers
  • Semiconductor wire bonders
  • Automated curing ovens
  • Inspection stations
  • Molding systems
  • Trim and Form systems
  • Pick and Place equipment
  • Inspection and sort equipment
  • Precision Automatic Mask Aligners (to 0.1 micron alignment accuracy)
  • Edge Bead Removal equipment
  • Plasma Photoresist Asher
  • Wafer Probers
  • Wafer Probe Test Systems
  • Wafer Sorter
  • Fully-automatic assembly line
  • Thermal Test Instrumentation
  • Automatic IC Test equipment
  • Laser Mark Backside Aligner
  • Burn-in Board Loader
  • Metrology equipment
Consultronix can provide a complete turnkey design or a control system for your equipment design. Whether you need hardware or software assistance or both, we can offer you a timely, price-competitive solution to your needs.
We can offer motorized precision placement or alignment with precision to 50 nanometers. If it's high speed you need, we have a solution. If you require a very small size, we have experience with piezoelectric motors and can minimize the space requirements.
We offer it all:
  • Mechanical Design
  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical
  • Electronic Hardware
  • Software Design